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Hello 2016 You Sexy Beast!

Hello and Happy 2016!

I’ve been waiting to do this post for weeks now and I’m so glad the time is finally here.

I’m super excited for this year. I feel really positive and really organised (let’s see how long that lasts!).

I am determined to have a good year and to know where I am with everything within my life. I want my finances organised,  my home decluttered and looking fab, my health and weight on track, a job, studies or voluntary position in the works and most importantly time to relax.

I have always struggled with relaxing. My head is always full of things I feel I should be doing or projects I want to start or finish.
With the help of GTD (David Allen’s Getting Things Done)  I am really hoping to achieve inner peace and enjoy making more memories with my beautiful children and partner.

I have quite a set up for this year and to some it may seem quite extensive but everything has a very specific purpose.

I am aiming to stick to this set up for at least 3 months, I want to see how it suits me. If all goes well and it works how I hope it will I will be having a huge de-stash of all my other planners.

I will briefly outline what I will be using and it’s purpose in this post but I will be posting a more detailed look over the next week or two.

Personal Size Malden – Calendar,  Diary, Notes and Contacts

Leuchtturm 1979 – Lists, Projects,  Braindump / Inbox, Quotes, Notes, savings tracker, Film, Book and TV lists, GTD notes, Children Notes, Next Action lists etc.

Paperchase a5 Coiled Diary – Household, Finances, Chores, Accounts info.

Ban.Do Large – Health and Fitness Diary, Weight Tracker, body measurements, Exercise log and food Diary.

ZYLC Embossed Std Fauxdori – TV series tracker, Journal and Study Notes.


I’d love to hear how you’ve set up for 2016. Have you changed anything?  Do youhave specific goals and aims going forward? 🙂

Enjoy and Happy New Year

The Stationery Geekette x

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