Pretty Purchases #1

I don’t often review the purchases I make, but I have decided that I probably should since the items I receive are often amazing and should be shown worldwide!

I have made 3 purchases lately, well I say lately it’s more over the last couple of months.

Firstly, a beautiful paperclip. Not just any old paperclip but a pink glittery Unicorn! That’s right! A FREAKING UNICORN!

Absolutely love this. It is extremely well made and very sturdy. I have no worries about using this as I don’t feel it will bend or snap off.

The shop was called Vellamaes and is on Etsy and it was very well priced at £3.99 inc postage.

I am soooo happy with it:)


Secondly my other purchase was a new dashboard. I wanted something that was classic and simple. Different from the other ones which I own. I honestly couldn’t decided for ages but I went with the Tiffany Blue coffee cup one.

The seller and creater is Swci Stationery again on Etsy. The price was £3.50 inc delivery. Beautiful work, I will definitely be having more of these in the future:)


Last but not least this is one of the most pricey washi I have ever bought and the only reason was shipping. The washi it’s self is very very well priced. The shipping is totally worth it too.

Custom made design by Cynthia this washi is absolutely adorable. It has a lovely sparkle too it and well…who doesn’t love pink and gold and…….UNICORNS! that’s right Unicorns again! I simply cannot get enough.

This arrived all the way from France within 5 days and it is so much nicer that I could have imagined.

This was purchased from LoveCynthia and the cost was just over 10 euro which worked out about £8.40ish. It also came with a few little goodies. I have used the little bookmarks as page dividers in my planners. They are super cute:)



I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful items recently purchased:)

The Stationery Geekette x


*Disclaimer – All items were purchased by myself and not as part of any promotions by the above shops. Beautiful creations should be shared :)*

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