Purple Malden Set Up

Finally! I got myself a beautiful purple Malden. I have been lusting after this for what feels like forever. I have to say I have no been disappointed at all, the colour and feel is amazing.

I thought I would share a glimpse of the set up I have gone with, which in all honesty does not differ much to how my ochre Malden was set up.

First let us all just revel at the marvel of the purple Malden *swoon*



My front page and pockets. I have kept these relatively simple.


Something new I have added. I used a spare Just So Stationery Yearly pull out to mark all films and TV series I want to watch (blue for films, pink for TV)


Also a new temporary part I have added. This is to record all things to do with my house move. Important info, room dimensions, to do lists, packing lists, buying lists etc. Obviously a couple of pictures of my fav people ❀


My weekly diary. I have started decorating a few weeks in advance when I enjoy it, then I never feel obligated to do it. I can’t stand having blank pages anymore.


One more look at my pretty paperclips πŸ™‚



And finally… I have decorated my page markers with washi. I think this brightens them up and gives them a bit of individual style πŸ™‚


So my current sections are:
1) Contacts
2) Things to Remember
3) Lists (Shopping, Email, Call)
4) Notes
5) Moving Section
6) TV and Movie
7) Calendar and Diary

I am absolutely loving my set up, so much so that I am trying to find excuses to use my planner more than I do already.

Hope you enjoyed a look inside πŸ™‚

The Stationery Geekette x

4 thoughts on “Purple Malden Set Up”

  1. How close a colour match is your Malden pics to the actual thing. My Malden is more of a dull matt aubergine than actually the gorgeous purple shown here and in other pics I’ve seen, I was quite disappointed actually.


  2. I’ve been using a Pocket Malden in Ochre since the beginning of the year. I understand why it’s so popular. The feel of the leather is such that you just can’t stop holding it!


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