Plan With Me#2 Jade

Today is my first hosted guest post with the lovely Jade Luxford, a fellow planner addict:)


Hi, I’m Jade. I’m 29 years old, a mother to 2 beautiful boys. I am a housewife but I also work part time.

I don’t have a particularly busy life but I’m always doing or needing to remember something. Planning is important to me not only because I have the worst memory but I find it very therapeutic.

I’m currently using a large cobalt blue Kikki K planner for at home and a personal perforated blue Kikki K which comes out with me. I normally plan on a Sunday evening but as I had to work this week I planned Monday morning while my children were at school.


I’m a fan of colour as you may notice from the pictures so I love decorating and going through my washi and sticker collection.

As I have a huge amount of washi I buy from varied shops I couldn’t tell you where I purchased the purple washi but the thinner rainbow one is from Lava Lamp Designs. As for the stickers, the blue with white heart boxes are from Sticker Sunshine, the small round icon stickers are from The Plump Planner and all the others are Chocho and Mimi.


All of these sellers can be found on Etsy and Instagram.

For more of my pictures please check out @jadelux86 on Instagram. Thank you to Emma for letting me guest post and thank you to those that are reading this.

Have a lovely day 🙂

Huge Thank you to Jade for taking part. If anyone else would like to take part and show their plan with me please drop a comment below or send an email to thestationerygeekette@yahoo.com

Happy Planning

The Stationery Geekette x

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