Planning A House Move – Tips and Tricks

I recently moved house, by recently I mean the last week. Been the super organised geek I am I tried to have everything organised. There were a few moments that were a little chaotic but those mostly were down to moving with a toddler.

I thought I would write a little guide of tips and tricks for moving. Things which I almost forgot and may not jump straight into the mind of those who are busy with a prospective move.

I thought I would start at the very beginning with tips for looking around houses.

First of all be honest with yourself and with your partner (if applicable). What are you both willing to live with and without, how much do you want to decorate, what specifically do you want?

Questions to ask the letting company/ landlord/lady:

  1. What type of Gas, Electric and Water meter does the property have?
  2. How much is the rent and bond?
  3. What TV/broadband does the property receive?
  4. Does the property have a digital ariel?
  5. Are tenants able to decorate the property?
  6. What are the neighbours like?
  7. When was the last Gas Safety Inspection?

*Don’t forget to check for evidence of mould on the walls, ceilings and floors*

There are also things which maybe of value to research before deciding on a location such as local shops, schools and things to do. Facebook is a great place to look for removal company too. We got a great deal with ours and he was absolutely fantastic and cheap.

Once you have applied and been successful in your application for a property there is then a list of things which need to be considered.

Things to do – not just packing but other things to prepare for the move. Cleaning of the old and new property, any repairs and meter readings from both properties.

It might be handy to take note of room sizes and window dimensions too.

When packing your belongs my advice would be to label all bags and boxes with contents and location it belongs. For example I had Kitchen boxes labelled with their belongings and also whether they were essential and non-essential so I knew what needed unpacking first. Colour coding could also be very useful too.

When dismantling furniture I used sandwich bags for the screws, labelled the bag and put all the bags in a shoe box which I had ready and out all the time.

I also had a last-minute pack checklist. This was primarily things which I needed with me to go to the new house asap. Items such as clothes for the next day, deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc.

I had a few cool bags (massive supermarket ones) ready to transport the freezer and fridge contents asap too.

Last and not least the call list. When moving there are many people who will need an update of address. Some of these include :

Council tax



TV licence


Mobile phone company

TV/broadband company

Credit card company

Any benefit offices

Any other places which are relevant such as Amazon, EBay, Etsy etc

And the most important – The Bank.

Moving is stressful and all we can do is be prepared. I hope that my list of tips and advice will come in helpful for anyone planning a move:)

Sections I had in my planner:

*Important Info -Dates, Contact Numbers, Reference Numbers etc

*Room Dimensions

*Things to pack by Room

*People/Companies to Call

*Things to Remember

*Things to Buy

*Last Minute Pack List


Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x



5 thoughts on “Planning A House Move – Tips and Tricks”

  1. I could have done with this when I moved to Cyprus a few years back (and then came back to the UK) , I forgot lots of these and it was a nightmare xx I hope you’re all settled now xx


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