Uglybugdoes Review

A friend of mine Michelle who I met via UKPA (UK Planner Addicts) Facebook group has recently updated and started running two online shops.
One of those is for planner pretties such as stickers, charms, paperclips, dividers etc.
I was approached by Michelle who asked if she could send me some samples of her work to review.
I had no qualms about doing this and Michelle knew I would review them honestly.

*Disclaimer*Just before I get started I want to say that my friendship with Michelle and the fact these items were sent to me free of charge will not have any impact upon my review of the items sent. I will give my honest and unbiased opinions on the products supplied.

When my little package arrived off Michelle I was blown away at what she had sent me, there were so many items. I’d expected there to be maybe 2-3 of them but there was actually many more.


Planner Charms
The first charm which I am reviewing is the tassle charm. This is my favourite of all the products I received. Not only is it pretty but it matches my blog planner amazingly well. The quality is really good. It doesn’t feel like it will snap or break off in my bag or when handled. The silver chain is the perfect hanging length without been too long or short. The ampersand symbol is cut beautifully and the sparkle is very subtle. These symbols are exclusively supplied to Michelle.
I would really recommend these to people and there are many colours to pick from. I will most certainly be purchasing some in the future.

Secondly we have the mini planner charm. This is absolutely adorable. The colour is incredibly pretty. The detail on it is second-to-non. The pages within the planner look like actual pages and there is a little golden button on the fastening.
Michelle made these herself with polymere clay and can be custom made with whatever colour you require.
The chain fastening is very secure and long so hangs lovely from the middle of the spine to come out of the bottom. Again my collection of these will undoubtedly grow.

The last of the charms is the ‘delicious’ cake charm. Now I’ll admit cakes and the likes are not really my thing but this is so well made it is hard not to see the appeal. The cake is customisable with colours and has a cute bit of detailing with the cream on the top. This charm came with a shorter silver chain which still fits the planner well.
My 9 year old daughter also endorses this charm as she quickly swiped it to put on her planner.


The next of my reviews is the paperclips.
I’m not really a big paperclip fan but I do like the odd pretty popping up in my planner.

First off let’s look at my name… Yes that’s right, I have my name in a pink sparkle of loveliness.
I adore this paperclip. It is my colour, font and size. And fits so nice in my blog planner. My only worry with this is that the card is a bit thin and it does give a bit so I’m not sure it would be hardwearing as an actively used paperclip or one popping out of a planner. Aside from that it is absolutely perfect.

Next is the Planner Geek paperclip. This again is gorgeous. The colour and font is divine and the size is good. This is made slightly differently with foam backing and much more hardwearing than the Emma clip.
As with all of the paperclips Michelle has a variety of colours and sizes.

The last is the cute cupcake. It has a 3D effect and is so well made, with cute detailing on the eyes and cream swirls. My daughter has claimed this for herself!


I love the stickers I was sent. The emojis in particular.  The size of them all fit perfectly for a personal planner and are very well made. I’ve even ordered more designs.


I have to say that Michelle is amazing to work with if you require anything,  she is happy to make custom orders, colours and designs on all her items and she makes other amazing craft things too.

For details of how to get in touch or purchase some of these beauties for yourself the details are below

Ugly Bug Does Blog
Ugly Bug Plans Facebook
Ugly Bug Crafts Facebook
Ugly Bug Etsy

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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