Plan With Me #3


Sorry I have not done a plan with me for a while but I have been quite busy sorting out the new house.

This week’s decoration has been brought to you by the lovely Mrs Brimbles.

I have gone for a retro themed week this week, bringing it back with an 80’s feel (My fav era and years of my youth).

I like to keep things quite simple with decoration as I find too much tends to clutter my pages then my planner becomes less functional.

The stickers from Mrs Brimbles are her exclusive design, I love them so much I ended up ordering two more sets after this one arrived.

I also used the functional stickers from Small Stuff Creations that I linked in previous posts.

The glasses washi I believe was from Hobbycraft and the geometric design was from Lava Lamp Designs on etsy.

I did some funky little designs with some of my writing too as I’m really wanting to get more creative with my planning.

This is my finished look so far:)

I may start including my blog planner in the Plan With Me posts too, as I have recently started adding a little decoration to those pages too.

Thanks for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x


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