Living Room Décor and Colour Scheme


When I was younger I always thought that I’d end up in a position where I could go out and buy everything I wanted for my home in one go. Little did I realise that the reality of this happening was pretty slim.

As most of you will know, these things take time. You build up the items you want, save for the ones you desire and usually in the meantime have the most mismatched collection of furniture and accessories.

Since we’ve moved I have really been working on themes of rooms in our home. Looking into the types of items I want in there, the colour schemes I want and the style of furniture I’d like.

So far I have at least come up with my living room style. I am really happy with what I have picked for this in regards to the colour scheme and accessories.

I have so far managed to get a few key pieces towards my ultimate style.

The colours I have picked are shades of some of my favourite, but together I think they look really nice. I adore the wallpaper also and will be looking for this or something similar.

Our main furniture is the sofa and chair which we got from DFS. It is the Revive suite in charcoal grey.


Next the furniture which I want to compliment the colour scheme are these pieces from Ikea and Next.

We ordered the Ikea Kallax unit and some baskets which I have now set up and will post towards the end of this article.

When it comes to lighting I really like the rustic look and I came across these little beauties. The lamp is from Next and the candle holder was from Willko.


I wanted luxurious curtains that would blend my colour scheme together and a dark pole to put them on, metal preferably over wood. The pole below was found in Wilko’s and the curtains from Tuiss.


Other accessories I have chosen are just small things which would set the room off really nicely. I am also on the lookout for older bound books for decoration and the bookcase.



The majority of items I have picked are from Next, the new catalogue had some amazing pieces which suited my theme amazing.

So far we have managed to get some of these items and start working towards building the room which we desire and the look that we aim to create. As you will see in the photo I have now exchanged the little locked basket for some books which I found in my local charity shop.


So there you have it, this is everything I imagine for my room. I still have not finalised the styling I want in any other room yet but as I do I will post my thoughts with you.


Links to the stores mentioned:




All Posters (For the Stag prints above).

Thank you for reading my very first home and lifestyle post.

The Stationery Geekette x




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