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How I Use The Filofax Clipbook For Studying

As you may have seen from one of my previous posts on e-courses I study a lot of free online courses (you can find that post here).

One thing I wanted was to have a nice planner to keep all my study notes in. I did however want something not very bulky and easy to carry about.
After doing some research I came across the Filofax Clipbook.
The Clipbook comes in a variety of colours and is really light and portable and does come with inserts which are standard A5 (I bought secondhand without inserts so I can’t include them however they can be found on the Filofax website).

The clipbook is perfect to use for my studies and I’m really liking it now I have set it up. I’ve kept it all really simple with just what I needed and nothing more.


The first thing I have in the Clipbook is a calendar,  I use to note upcoming course dates and where applicable assignment due dates.


I also keep a zip up wallet in here where I keep divider tabs for my subjects.


After this section I have a subject planner. This is where I list all course details that I am undertaking.


I then have the subjects that I’ve studied and are currently studying. These are divided by using tabs on the top of the page rather than dividers.


I have other divider sections after this, in thise I keep multicoloured paper, graph paper and plain paper as I intend to complete each course on a different type of paper.
I also have a books to read section and to-do section at the back for when a course requires further reading or research.



As you can see I’ve kept it simple, easy and uncluttered. I’m unsure when I go back to re-train as a TA in September if I’ll use a clipbook or a different planner after all I will have the new Carpe Diem Ballerina by then 🙂

I’d really like to see how you’ve set up your planner for studying,  if you have any tips to share, your use of decoration etc so please feel free to drop me a comment, link or email.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

7 thoughts on “How I Use The Filofax Clipbook For Studying”

  1. I really like this filofax, and I used to use planners more in the past, went digital, then back to planners again as I realised I remember and plan better when I actually write things down. I love the idea of the zip bag for the divider tabs! Great suggestion and very helpful.


    1. Hey:) it’s called the Uniball Signo Sakura. I order from EBay and they come in a packbof 5 all black or 2 red, 2 blue and two black. The nib is really fine 0.38. There my absolute fav:) x


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