Brutally Honest Confessions: Normal Women Getting By…

Hello! Welcome to another new blog series/segment and collaboration. 

The lovely Michelle over at UglyBugDoes came to me with a suggestion for a new blog collaboration which I really loved.

The idea behind this collaboration is for us to post things about life, what it’s like as a normal, average woman trying to get by in life.

The topics will be everything from the discussion of conception, life with children, girly issues, recipes and anything between. 

We really want to write these posts with some brutal honesty, instead of covering everything in sugar and want to remain non judgemental to those who struggle.

We want to write what life is really like, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

People may not agree with some things we write, it won’t always fall into your way of thinking, but we are all different and have different ways of trying to just get by day to day.

We will have some sense of structure to our posts.  Every fortnight we will release a post regarding children, starting with conception and right the way through covering all topics (pregnancy, newborn etc).

Then every other week will be something else whether that is about make-up, cooking, career, books, films etc. 

We are quite happy to take point from our readers, if you have topics you want us to cover or would like to write to us then please do so on the email below, if you wish to remain anonymous please say this also as we will do so.


Please feel free to join our Facebook Group for updates and general ranting banter:)

Now the intro is done here is my first post:)

So today I am going to discuss the miracle of my “whoopsie” conception. 

Not every story of pregnancy, birth and raising a child starts with a plan…the trying for a baby stage, ovulation tracking, the misery of the failed attempts. Some stories start with an accident,  a whoopsie moment or in my case failing to take your pill – not lots…just one!

Even though I refer to what happened as a whoopsie it doesn’t mean it is any less miraculous than those baby’s that are planned.

December 2013, the month and year that changed my life. I was happily working in a brand new job I loved and was treated with respect, I had met a man who I clicked with and really felt was my soulmate and my other two older children were really happy. Everything was going perfect.

I had no interest in having a baby, I hadn’t planned to ever be pregnant again, I already had everything I needed.

Then BOOM it all changed. When I found out I was pregnant I honestly didn’t know how to feel. Was I Happy, sad, scared, fearful? Yes, I was everything…you name it I felt it.

How would my partner of 3 months react?

How would my children feel?

Would I keep my new lovely job?

Would I get very sick again?

Am I crazy?

My partner and I had only been together 3 months and we had just moved in together with his brother. Even though I worked with him previously and we had known each other for a while it was still new.

I didn’t know how this would work. Everything felt so complicated. 

Having a termination was never a consideration, it was never a thought. This baby was going to happen and my partner was ecstatic, one less thing to worry about.

The kids were overjoyed…another thing not to worry about.

The sickness kicked in…urgh….

Everything would be ok, I’d raised children before,  I knew what it would entail…it’d be a breeze right? Yes, lets all laugh in unison at that statment!

Just because this baby wasn’t planned didn’t make it any less special back then in those early days I didn’t realise how much of a life changing Miracle this baby was going to be, if I had I would have never doubted myself so much.

So this is my story…my conception. Not all candles and Barry White. The reality of missing contraception and fear!

Thank you for reading and remember to pop along to UglyBugDoes for Michelle’s post:)

Emma-Louise x

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