Confessions Of A Plannerholic Q&A

This week’s instalment comes in the form of a Q&A session. 

If you have any questions for us please leave them in the comments below or via email at Thestationerygeekette@yahoo.com and I’ll put them into the next Q&A session.

1) What is your favourite planner?

My favourite planner currently is the Wellness Planner from Kikki-K. I was using this as a blog planner until recently and have now swapped it over to be my main everyday primary planner.

2) Does your planner have a name? If so what?

Oddly enough this one doesn’t however I have named previous planners and I have got names for my TNs, Inny and Wally:)

3) What is your favourite accessory? 

Oh this is hard. I love stickers and a good pen but I think washi is my fav, it’s so versatile and brightens everything up easily:)

4) What is your top planning tip?

This is difficult as I’d have two. My first would be, to be yourself.  Don’t be afraid to be different and unique. Everyone’s process is different. Enjoy what you love.

The second tip would be future planning. Future planning changed my game and improved my organisation so much. I decorate 4 weeks in advance, I plan my blog a month in advance and everything else I possibly can plan for I will. Gives me a sense of much more control.

5) Why Planners?

Hard to say why exactly. It’s more than planners, it’s Stationery. Something that started when I was very young and has developed more as I’ve got older. I love that I gain a sense of control in my life when I wouldn’t necessarily have. They have helped me manage my PND aswell, allowing me to pinpoint triggers and resolving actions:)

6) If you were stuck on a desert island would would your top 5 items be?

Now…well…this is difficult lol.

My washi tub, how handy would that be to stick stuff together. 

Paper to write down my adventures.

My pencil case..to write down my adventures and thoughts/feelings.

A lighter, to cook, gain warmth and see in the dark.

A tent, to keep myself sheltered.

7) If there was a zombie apocalypse and you could get to one store but the path was clear to the local supermarket and a Stationery store which would you chose?

I’d initially thought the supermarket however on reflection it would be the Stationery shop. Why? Well no-one else would think to pilage and loot that place. The supermarket is probably already empty of anything of use. Stationery shops usually have food, drink and other stuff. Staff rooms would likely have medical supplies too.

8) If you won 1 million on the Lotto and could only spend it on 3 thinks what would it be?

Oh my word..only 3 lol!

First of all I’d wipe all my student debts. That way life would be cheaper.

Secondly I’d buy my dream home in Canada and move the family out there.

Thirdly I would buy and run a cute bookstore that has charm and comfort. A place people love to be.

I’m really intrigued to see the responses to these from the other girls.

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Thanks for reading and see you next week:)

The Stationery Geekette x 

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