Confessions Of A Plannerholic #3

For my 2nd confession I am admitting to being a dishonest planner addict.

Every good Plannerholic knows that there is a plethora of stationery and planner releases throughout the year. When most of the releases happen we tend to get somewhat over-excited and have to have it all, by all I do mean everything.  The everything we buy often serves no purpose but we can excuse it away..everyone needs new stationery to take stock of their kitchen cupboards don’t they?

I have come up with so many excuses and reasons why I must buy more stationery, mostly in a bid to become more organised. 

Over 1000 sticky notes might actually be useful one day. Picture this….there has been an outbreak of a virus, the dead are coming back to life. You have been lucky enough to stumble upon a safe haven and wish to notify others. What better way than to write notes and directions on post-it notes and put them all over so that survivors know where to head for safety. In essence this means that sticky notes are potentially life savers. Just think about that for a minute. Let my theory sink in….

I admit I have told a few porkies when it comes to planners over the years. Classically the old “It was on sale” is probably used the most.

I am not even sure why I do, my partner doesn’t mind what they cost as long as I am happy and bills are paid. I think it’s because really I’m trying to justify it to myself. Deep down I know I do not need it, I shouldn’t buy it there is something else I could and should spend the money on..but it’s pretty….

Let’s hope for all of us little fibbers lying about Stationery isn’t a gateway into hard crime, broken windows theory and all that jazz!

I really hope I am not alone in feeling this way about the things I buy:)

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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Thanks for reading and see you next week:)

The Stationery Geekette x 

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