My Book Journal 

I love reading. I have been an avid reader since I was very young and I imagine that I will continue to be as I get older.

I never usually track my books, take notes or review them on paper (I’ve done a few reviews on this blog).

Since getting the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Notebook I decided to create a book journal insert so I could make notes on the books I am reading, review them, write about them and then eventually I will convert them into blog posts.

I started my book journal with a little book shelf picture I drew and listed each book I wanted to read before moving on to others. 

While I haven’t been using it long I do really enjoy making notes in it and writing down my thoughts on the book.

I’d love to hear from you if you keep a book journal and are an avid reader. Do you have any tips of what to record in the journal I may not have thought of?

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

8 thoughts on “My Book Journal ”

  1. I love what you did for a book journal ^^ I’m a book lover myself, my blog is about reading (mostly), and I can’t spend a day without reading a few pages ❤

    In my planner, I have a book journal listing the title of the one I'm currently reading, with the name of the author, dates I started & finished, genres and if it belongs to any challenges I'm currently taking. I write some notes under, during or after reading.

    I just love the shelves you draw, but I've way too many books to do that ^^ I usually write down lists for the challenges, for example a half ABC on fantastique (vampires, magic), so I can see what I still have on my shelves to finish it. Maybe I'll try drawing shelves instead of just writing my list next time ^^


  2. This is fascinating. I have never heard of it before. Then I thought you meant for non-fiction but no, you are reading fiction! So, you are making notes on the things that pop out at you or inspire you in these books? I may have to try this. You notebook look very creative.


    1. That’s exactly it, there are a few ‘inspirational, self help’ type ones too but I like to make notes of quotes or feelings certain pages inspire etc. Thank you for your reply:))


  3. My ME sadly means I can’t read nearly as much as I’d like (or as I ought to, considering I’m a fiction writer). I’ve been wanting to design/develop a book journal for a while, though, and figure out how to read more without triggering migraines or having to start from scratch because I’ve forgotten what’s happened since Chapter 1. Maybe taking notes while I read will help.

    Either way, this book journal is hella inspiring. 😀 I love what you did with the bookshelf sketches. (I think I need to steal that idea while you’re not looking. xD)


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