Brutally Honest Confessions: Day To Day Stresses

For today’s instalment we asked the Facebook group what they would like to see us discuss. One of the points suggested was how we deal with day to day stresses.

Honestly it is hard to say how I deal on a day to day basis with stress as it is a contant factor. I don’t tend to overly focus on it as I feel it then gives it more control and power over me.

I do find life at times extremely difficult. I have a toddler with food and behavioural issues whilst trying to self remedy my post-natal depression. 

For me what I find is probably the biggest help is routine. Both myself and my LO are sticklers for routine. If I try to do anything different it causes a negative reaction. 

Therefore my days do sometimes feel boring and mundane and I often feel stuck in a rut however by keeping a routine for us I often find that days can much easier and we have more fun because we are both relaxed. 

As most parents know, especially ones who are stay at home parents. A childs mood heavily changes with yours. If I don’t feel great and I am in a negative mood then usually thats exactly how my LO ends up feeling, and vice versa.

Planning helps massively with this too as it gives me am outlet, something for me. On an evening once my LO is in bed and my partner is home I often unwind by reading a book or watching some TV series.

All in all it’s just about getting by, getting through each day as it arrives and reminding myself to be grateful for the good things that happen, for the fact that no matter how bad I feel my day has gone, it could be worse.

I’d love to hear how you deal with your day to day stresses.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

6 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Confessions: Day To Day Stresses”

  1. My life has thrown up so many stresses. So how have I dealt with the death of a child. A divorce. A mother that once tired to kill herself? (And that’s just touching the surface!)
    My planning is so important to me. I also wake each day and read a positive quote or thought.
    You see people only see what you want them to see. How many people actually know you deep down? I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to help as many people as I can. Knowing I’ve done some good makes me feel like a better person all round.
    Don’t get me wrong there are days when I’d love to tie the children up and put them in the shed (I don’t have one btw!) for driving me crazy. Or want to strangle the patient I’ve been called to for a broken finger nail when there’s been a broadcast that someone has died. We all have a fuse.
    I’m not a religious person but I think we can all learn from buddah. To live within ourselves helps us love others.
    It’s all too easy to wake up feeling negative and then what? It snowballs throughout the day. Wake up with a smile and a positive “today I’m going to…..”
    Only yesterday I was thanked by a lady. Comfused I asked “what for?”, “for being nice to me” she replied.
    I had no idea what I had done but by speaking to someone on a page on FB I had touched someone’s life. Made her feel good. If only everyone made just one person feel like that.
    Smile at strangers. All these things help me relive day to day stresses and when all else fails a good cry makes me feel better.
    Memories of the past will fade but new memories are there to be made.
    I find talking to people helps too. The negative subject is something that makes people feel uncomfortable knowing what to say. But the truth is if we all talk about it instead of making it a taboo subject then stresses will reduce.
    Busy life? Plan your time. There is always a way to reduce your stress.
    Sorry for rambling and I hope this makes sense. It’s so hard knowing what to say but having to write it is totally different.


    1. I completely agree about negativity, it spreads like a disease. I try really hard now to see a positive in every situation even the bad ones. I didn’t want to take tablets for my PND so I had to find ways within myself to cope.
      I’m sorry to hear about all you’ve been through. You’re an amazing and bubbly person x


      1. Bless you Hun.
        We all have days where inside we feel like screaming. The times I’ve smiled on the outside and been crying on the inside. I do think talking is really important. Not being ashamed of a situation. All too often people worry about what other people might think. I did with my pnd as most of my then family didn’t believe in it. Because of that it got worse.
        Life is sent to judge us and what doesn’t kill us (or drive is slightly loopy, or turn into planner addicts) only makes us stronger. People will enter your life for a reason. Find that reason and cling onto it. Be it good or bad follow your instincts. They are usually right.

        Stress free day for me today. Except for the lady that moaned at us for not having a very well behaved dog on the lead. Her dog went for mine! Oh and we were on a dog walk on the woods lol.
        Grey clouds haven’t dampened my day.
        It’s taken me a long time to learn how to deal with my everyday stresses but I think I’m there now……
        Apart from when the kids are fighting lol. 🙈


  2. I definitely agree that planning and routine really do help with stress levels when you have children (no matter what their age!). I plan pretty much everything as it’s the only way I can stay sane and remotely on top of everything x


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