The Boy 2016 Review

Duration: 97 minutes 
Genre: Horror- Thriller

Main Cast: Lauren Cohen, Rupet Evans

Rating: 4/5

Plot Overview:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film after watching a trailer. I had the gyst of it however upon watching, my gyst was wrong.

It started with Lauren Cohen’s character, Greta arriving to look after a boy for an older couple so they could have a holiday. Greta had come from America to hide from an abusive ex partner.

Upon her arrival she discovers the boy is in fact a doll. She later discovers that the couple’s 8 year old son had died in a fire, assuming they are overcome with grief have chose to treat the doll as if it were a child.

Greta goes along with it and before the couple leave for their holiday they explain that Greta must stick to the doll/boys schedule.

However once they leave, Greta just throws a blanket over the doll and ignores it. Over the next few days as she continues to mistreat the doll and not stick to the plan strange things start to happen. 

Eventually events come to a head one evening and Greta realises the spirit of the dead child lives within the doll.

At this point you can finally stop shouting at the tv as Greta starts taking care of the doll. One evening however her ex-partner Cole turns up. We learn earlier in the film that she suffered a miscarriage at the hands of Cole, she tells her friend, the local greengrocer about him as they begin to get close. Malcolm the greengrocer also finds out about the doll too.

In a rage Cole destroys the doll and that’s when the film changes again. It turns out that the boy didn’t die in a fire, when he was younger he killed another child his age so his parents hid him pretending he died (hid parents kill themselves earlier in the film while they are on holiday).

The boy Brahms had actually been living in the basement, moving between the walls of the house, moving the doll about to give the impression of it being alive.

Older Brahms kills Cole and also attempts to kill Malcolm and even though he is in love with Greta, tries to kill her too. Greta makes a run for it but decides to go back, feigning affection for the boy in order to save Malcolm. 

Eventually Greta attacks Brahms and her and Malcolmn escape. The film sees them both drive away from the mansion. 

We then cut to a scene where we see the doll getting repaired assumingly by Brahms who isn’t actually dead. That is where the film ends.


I actually really liked this film, despite getting annoyed with Greta’s character for not realising sooner about the doll.

Before finding out about real Brahms I actually felt quite sad for the doll and protective just as Greta did when Cole turned up.

I didn’t expect the boy to still be alive, I just figured that the parents killed themselves as they couldn’t live with the doll spirit any longer, but it becomes apparent it’s more than likely due to guilt of keeping the secret of their disturbed killer son.

Would definitely recommend this film to those who like something different and a bit bizarre.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

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