Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Planner Regrets 

Today’s post is all about planner regrets.

For me there is one very specific thing that I regret, selling my Ochre Malden. 

Milly the Malden is my only seller’s regret item. I miss her so much. I have vowed as soon as I get some money to spare I will buy one again, even if it does take years lol.

I don’t really have any other regretsas such. Part of me regrets in some way spending the money I have over the years but on the other hand it’s been necessary to help me discover what suits me and what I love.

I’m lucky that I’m quite decisive and once I find something that works it’s all I need and I’ve managed to find what I like in a relatively short space of time. I know some who have been searching for planner peace for many years unsuccessfully. 

For now though I will keep mourning the loss of Milly the Malden. 

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