Book Review: The Cursed Child

Title: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Author: J.K Rowling

Release Date: July 31St 2016

Page Count: 352

Publisher: Little, Brown 

Rating: 5/5

Plot Overview:

The book starts with Albus Potters first year at Howarts, on the train he meets and befriends Scorpius Malfoy which is much to the disappointment of Rose Granger-Weasley.

The book then skips ahead a few years and shows how the friendship has progressed, peoples growing disappoinment at it and the change in Albus’s attitude. Albus is a very solemn teenager, who has little respect for his father and does not enjoy school. Scorpius on the other hand is a bright, bubbly and enjoyable character.

Albus gets an idea to steal a time Turner, go back in time and prevent Cedric Diggorys untimely death. Albus convinces Scorpius to go with him on this adventure.

However things go wrong as when they change things the first time it changes too much of the future that they then want to correct,  going back again makes things worse as they create a world where Voldemort is now world ruler, Cedric is a Death Eater, Snape is Alive and Umbridge is Headmaster.

On this journey they are also accompanied by Delphi who says she is Amos Diggerys niece.

As it turns out Delphi is actually the child of Voldemort and Bellatrix. Delphi steals the time turner after Albus finally corrects the future and she goes back to when Voldemort attacked Lily and James Potter.

Delphi believes if she can prevent the attack it will eventually lead to Voldemort living and taking over the world. However Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco manage to prevent her from taking action.

The book ends with Harry and Albus finally seeing eye to eye. Harry has an appreciation for his friendship with Scorpius and will no longer stand in there way.

The world is corrected and goes back to what it was prior to interference.


I had been waiting for this book for what felt like a lifetime. I pre-ordered it for £10 from Amazon (I was refunded £1) after it’s release.

It arrived on the 31st July and I started reading it on the 1st August after speed reading and finishing the book I was reading. I finished it on the 2nd August.

Due to the script style writing the content is not as dense as the previous books so doesn’t take long to get through.

I was worried at first that it would take me a while to get into the story as I’ve never read a book that’s a script before but it didn’t take long at all.

I was immersed straight away, getting to learn about the new characters. Scorpius is a particular favourite,  you wouldn’t think he was the son of Draco.

I felt like I had been transported back into the world of Harry Potter the same was as when I read the previous books for the first time.

When it ended I wanted more and I am still hoping that J.K Rowling decides to release it as a full novel or write another.

I liked the way previous characters made a small appearance despite some of them meeting a sticky end in the original books.

During this book you get more of a human feel for Draco, understanding some of his motivations and his way of appreciating Harry and the others.

I really enjoyed the story and it’s progression.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x 

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