Book Review: After You

Title: After You
Author: Jojo Moyes 

Publication Date: 30th June 2016

Page Count: 416

Publisher: Penguin

Rating: 4/5

Plot Overview:

This novel follows on from Me Before You and highlights the struggle that Louisa has trying to find a place in the world without Will.

It feels like the more she feels she is letting him down and not honouring her promise to him the more she in turn lets him down.

Louisa is reckless with her life and while not intentionally trying to kill herself she dances on the brink. Doing things which are dangerous without thinking of the consequences.  This is until she falls from her building and could easily have died.

The accident forces Louisa to face some of her problems head on when she has to return home to recover from the accident.

When she returns back to her own flat it is only done by promising her father she would attend grief counselling.

Louisa attends and at first doesn’t open up, she feels like a fraud, like she doesn’t belong. Over time however the group she meets actually turn out to be great friends.

Louisa’s life however takes the most poignant turn when a girl turns up at her door only 16 yrs old, a girl that as it turns out is Wills daughter. A daughter he knew nothing about.

Lily, Wills daughter is actually very much off the rails. Causing trouble, drinking, stealing, smoking and has little respect for anyone. Her mother is a selfish woman who doesn’t seem to give two hoots about Lily, and as you find out over the course of the book everyone who has ever meant something to her has turned her away for other family or commitments. This is why Lily is the way she is, she is defensive and while she is crying out for affection she sabotages herself often.

Eventually after Louisa’s jewellery goes missing she kicks Lily out, telling her to go back to her mothers and believes she has. After a few days, Louisa goes to visit Lily to make up after discovering a tranquil garden Lily had set up. However upon arrival at Lilys home her mother tells her Lily hasn’t been there and assumed she was still with Louisa. The mother doesn’t care that Lily is missing because she has disappeared before however Louisa feels something is wrong and searches with Sam (the ambulance man who saved her) to find Lily.

Eventually they find Lily in a hospital not badly hurt. Lily then tells Louisa what’s been happening.

Initially Lilly had been getting blackmailed by a boy she slept with as he had a picture of them together. After she’d had enoug she told a collegue of her step dads who manage to stop the boy balckmailing her only to start blackmailing her himself.

Louisa and Sam hatch a plan to stop the blackmailer which works successfully. After this Lily has the confidence to start building a relationship with her grandmother and eventually goes to live with her at weekends and goes back to boarding school during the week.

Louisa’s love life takes a dramatic turn when Sam tries to talk to her about being in a relationship,  but Louisa is afraid of getting hurt after Will and doesn’t open up which causes Sam to call time their time todays. Louisa tries to talk to Sam and ends up riding in the ambulance with him which ends up in a bad situation and Sam gets shot almost dying.

Louisa tells Sam then that she doesn’t want to loose him, she also receives a job offer in New York that she turnes down a few months previous.

After talking to Sam she takes the job and they agree to make it work long distance.

The story ends with Louisa boarding the plane after mouthing to Sam she loves him.


The soppy woman in me really enjoyed this book and I felt I could relate a lot to Louisa and Lily. Both of them have had a difficult time and although try to do their best ultimately they are about self preservation.

I really likes the introduction of the new characters with Sam and Lily particularly and the change to the older character such as Mrs Traynor.

It showed the impact that losing Will had on everyone’s,  something I don’t think he really considered in the first book.

I finished the book hoping for another in the series. I want to read about Louisa’s life in New York and her relationship with Sam.

Overall it was a great read even if it did lack the same impact of the first book:)

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x 

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