Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Disappointing Purchases 

Hey Everyone! 

So as you may have noticed there was not a Confessions Of A Plannerholic post last week. Us ladies have decided that we will switch to fortnightly posts from now on.

Today’s post is to discuss disappointing purchases we have made in our planner journey.

Surprisingly this was something that I struggled with a bit as I can’t say I’ve been overly disappointed with anything I have tried. I have however found myself less keen on things that I thought I would.

First off would be the Purple Malden. This was my unicorn and I finally bought it, I used it for a few months however as it turned out I preferred the Ochre. The purple is amazing quality don’t get me wrong but it didn’t feel as nice in my hands and the colour was slightly different to what I’d seen. This is apparently quite common with the purple style. 

My 2nd would be the happy planner. I loved the inside but it felt to flimsy in my hands, I wouldn’t have dared actually take it out of the house. The plastic covers while pretty did not feel functional at all.

The 3rd is the Lamy Fountain Pen. Now to be fair I did win this and was really excited by it but I just didn’t like writing with it. I don’t know if it was because of the medium nib or what but it just didn’t wow me at all.

I think that’s it really, I am lucky compared to some who have had very unfortunate situations happen.

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4 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Disappointing Purchases ”

  1. arghh I totes forgot about the Happy Planner, I felt the same with the disks, i was afraid the pages would pop off the disks in my bag. Same with the Lamy pen, I brought it in the WH Smith glitch but I just don’t love it, mine is very hit and miss with the ink even after I have soaked and cleaned it.. we are just too similar haha


      1. I think I thought it would improve my handwriting and I’d be all beautiful and flowy with it, but it was still my chicken scratch just with lines missing haha


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