Alice: Book Review

Title: Alice
Author: Christina Henry

Publication Date: 28th June 2016

Page Count: 198

Publisher: Titan Books

Rating: 4/5

Plot Overview:

Alice is older in this version, 26 years old and has been in an insane asylum since she was 16 years old after a fateful encounter with the Rabbit. Inside she meets a man by the name of Hatcher.

One night there is a fire, allowing both Alice and Hatcher to escape.This fire however, also allowed the Jabberwocky to escape. Full of fear, trepidation and angst Hatcher and Alice search for a way to destroy this creature of pure evil.

One there adventures they meet all the classics such as Cheshire, Caterpillar and Walrus.


A gritty tale of darkness, magic and the unknown I was hooked from the get go. The wording and imagery created in this novel was amazing and incredibly dark.

The human variants of such well known characters was extremely well written and gave them a new lease of life, even if not necessarily as you would imagine.

I still read the caterpillar’s word in the book as if spoken by the late and great Alan Rickman.

I really enjoyed this book even though I did expect an ending with more of an impact however it leads perfectly into the sequel Red Queen which is on my reading list.

Anyone who enjoys a novel with twists and turns and doesn’t mind the darker aspect of the human condition would really enjoy this.

If you fancy reading this book it can be purchased on Amazon UK  and Amazon.com

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x



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