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Confessions Of…Autumn Bucket List

There has been a slight change to our Confessions Of Series.  We have decided to include a variety of posts across on genres. Every two weeks however the post will be stationery and planner orientated.

Today’s post is a Bucket list, our Autumn Bucket list to be precise.

I love this time of year. From September to January is my time to shine so to speak. I adore everything about it so getting stuck into a bucket list wasn’t an issue for me. I made a whole dedicated page in my planner specifically for it.
Let’s take a look at my list before we look at the pretty page 🙂

1) Luxury Hot Chocolate. By this I mean totally indulgent full fat, loads of mallows and a sprinkling of chocolate type hot chocolate.

2) Start Knitting. This is a little deceiving as I do already know but haven’t done it for years so I’d like to pick it back up again.

3) Collect Leaves and Conkers. Pretty self explanatory love to collect these and acorns for autumn crafts.

4) Go on a Pinecone hunt. The kids and I love to collect these in Autumn ready to make winter crafts with.

5) Watch Serendipity.  I guess it’s more of a winter film but I watch it every year during Autumn. It’s a traditional thing.

6) Light a Sparkler. Autumn is is the season for Guy Fawkes and sparklers are a must. Any night they are beautiful and simple. They bring back great childhood memories.

7) Light a bonfire. This doesn’t just have to be for bonfire night. It’s great for any crisp chilly evening. What’s better than a cosy bonfire and hot chocolate!

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Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

7 thoughts on “Confessions Of…Autumn Bucket List”

  1. Oh what a wonderful list! Hot chocolate and bonfires sounds wonderful! Not sure about the knitting part – as that always does my head in bigtime 🙂 And you gave me an idea for tomorrows coffeeshare, mind if I throw you a pingback?


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