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Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Top 10 Blogs

I don’t know about you but I love reading other blogs. I find them inspiring and helpful. Not all of the blogs I read are planner related but the majority are.
Today’s post is a list of my top 10 blogs.

  1. How To Gyst – I have been following Laura for well over a year now and her blog is one that I go back to frequently. I love how honest she is about everything and how practically inspiring she is. There is a wealth of information on Laura’s blog and definately worth a good read.
  2. Philofaxy – This is a site ran primarily by Steve Morton. It has a mass of knowledge about all things paper planning. There is also a great section of printables to be found on here as well.
  3. A Beautiful Plan – Kelly Vizma is the face behind A Beautiful Plan. Not only does she run a lovely little business and creates the most gorgeous stickers she also has a great blog full of prettiness, tips and tricks.
  4. UglyBugDoes – I maybe a little biased here as Michelle is a real life friend as well as a planner buddy but her blog is great. It isn’t just all stationery and pretty planners but she also discusses life, children and health. A full mix of everything Michelle:)
  5. Geraldine Jayne – Geraldine is such an inspiration. Her blog is full of positive vibes and colour. This has to be my number 1 creative inspiration site.
  6. Strange & Charmed – Ran by Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat, Strange & Charmed is a fantastic site for productivity and efficency. Alexis also runs many free webinars to join which help boost productivity and she has alot of online buisness resources.
  7. The Literary Llama – One of my absoutely favourite book blogs. I love the way the reviews are done.
  8. ReadSleepBlog – Not only does this blog contain book reviews but there are numerous challenges which one can partake in. It’s fun and lively.
  9. Wonderfully Bookish – I love this blog, I don’t have any other reason than I just do. I love all the information Charlotte posts and her reviews.
  10. Saturday On Wednesday – I have so much love for this blog it’s unreal. I adore everything about it. The content is so funny ( and you should watch her youtube Book_Roast videos). The content is honest when doing reviews and G isn’t afraid to tell it how it is. The content is hugely varied as well so there is something for everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 10 blogs and that you find something on them which you also will enjoy. I really could have added at least 5 more.

Please do not forget to take a look at all the other beautiful ladies blogs that are taking part.



A Beautiful Plan 

The Vintage Planner

A Life Lived In Words

My Chaotically Eclectic Life

Pineapple and Button

Pennygate Crafts

Plan With Hannah


Pennygate Crafts

 Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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