Planner Productivity: The Benefits To Planning Your Work.

Last week I shared with you my method for prioritising my tasks. You can read the post here if you missed it.

This week I want to discuss the reasons why I plan and the benefits it holds not just personally but professionally.

The main reason for planning any work is simple, to ensure it’s the best use of your time and energy. Prior planning always means you have a clear objective.

You’ll have to excuse the language but the phrase “proper planning prevents piss poor production” is right and I completely agree.

So what other benefits are there to planning your work?

Let’s have a look;

  1. You will save time in the long run.
  2. You will get more jobs done because you are organised with your time.
  3. Your most important and urgent tasks will be completed.
  4. You will make fewer mistakes.
  5. You will be more organised.
  6. You will find it much easier to check your progress.
  7. You will be much more likely to meet your targets.
  8. You will be less stressed which will lead to better morale.
  9. Having your work planned makes the task less daunting and will provide more motivation.

It really does pay to spend a little time getting yourself organised in the long run.

I hope that this is some benefit to you. Next week we will look at Complex Task Management.

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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