My Top 10 Books of 2016

As 2016 draws to an end I like to reflect upon the books which I have read and the ones which have captivated me the most.
I will start at 10 and work down to 1.

10) Intercrossed by Milly Li

This was a book I was asked to read for a review and I enjoyed it immensely,  really looking forward to the sequel.

9) Alice by Christina Henry

Dark and twisted, this was by far the most disturbed book I had read but I was gripped all the way through. 

8) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

This is my favourite Gillian Flynn book so far, so much better than Gone Girl. 

7) This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 

I really liked the concept of this book. August won me over, I felt for him so much. It was a great read.

6) Fate of Perfection by K.F Breene

This one will be reviewed on here next week sometime. Admittedly it took me a couple of chapters to get it but once I did I was hooked. The storyline was fantastic. 

5) Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

I really enjoyed this, the characters were likeable and the writing was really good, I could visually imagine each scene as it unfolded.

4) A Shade of Vampire (Book 1)

I picked this up on a whim stuck in hospital and with nothing to read. I devoured it within a couple of hours, I really really enjoyed it.

3) The Shanari Series (SandsStormsSkies) by Kevin Nielsen 

I was given the 3rd book in the series to review so I purchased the previous 2 to read beforehand. I got through all of them within 4 days. Absolutely fantastic! I am desperate for the next book.

2) Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas

I really really liked this book, it’s one.I could read over and over. I loved the main characters. Can’t wait to get on with more in the series.This will be reviewed in the next week.

1) Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo 

Ahhhhh Kaz Bekker….need I say more. I love love loved this book. I am so desperate to read the next one which I received for Christmas. 

So there we go. I would really like to see your best reads of 2016, are there any you would recommend for 2017? 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Books of 2016”

  1. I’ve been wanting to read throne of glass. I read a sample on my kindle and I’m seriously wanting to get the full one… Id love to read your full review 🙂


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