Mini Happy Planner Review

Hey Everyone, 

I have previously mentioned that I purchased the Mini Happy Planner when I was discussing my 2017 set-up however I had only just got it so couldn’t comment much on it’s use.

However since then I have used it a lot. It has now become my primary planner.

It is incredibly light weight which surprised me and it has loads of room to write it.

Each month has a monthly overview and a ‘bits and bobs’ page where you can set your monthly goals, events, important dates etc.

I love the cover that I purchased with it, it’s the perfect size and has some useful pockets to be used.

Below you can see all the pictures:) 

Do you have a Mini Happy Planner?  How do you use it? 

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x 

5 thoughts on “Mini Happy Planner Review”

  1. I’m using mine for memory keeping. The boxes arent too daunting to leave a couple of sentences about the day without the need for long winded paragraphs. I didn’t get a cover with mine and Im still undecided by that but I did get the undated expansion pack for it and expansion rings.


    1. That’s great, I imagine it would be great for memory keeping. As you say it’s not to daunting which I find the bigger planners. I use my Webster’s TN for memory keeping but I don’t use it daily. I need a catch up with it at the mo as it’s not been written in since before you Christmas lol x


  2. What do you think of the disk system? I looked at these planners for this year, but I didn’t really care for the disk system. I had an idea for this year to punch any holiday or birthday cards I get this year and put them in my planner. That works fine in my A5 binder, but I didn’t think it would work too well with these kinds of planners.


  3. I have a mini happy planner & the rings on it were driving me crazy so I trimmed off some of the edge and punched it to be inserted into a Kate Spade planner.


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