Filofax Domino Soft Review

Hey Everyone, 
Well…Filofax only went and released a new Domino in a really soft leather look. 

I couldn’t resist and ordered myself the light pink. 

It took 2 days to arrive and I have to say I am really impressed. 

The feel of it is amazing in your hands and the colour is subtle and very delicate.

I’ve had an original Domino before and liked it. However, this is so much nicer. 

The pockets are deep enough to store things in and although it doesn’t have little card pockets the secretarial pockets are great.

It came with a full set of 2017 inserts, notepaper, to-do lists, a plastic wallet and a ruler. It also is available in Pocket or Personal size 

The only downside for me are the 2017 inserts as the quality is very thin and they put so much writing all over them they are a bit of a nightmare to decorate and the pen ghosts quite badly if you don’t use a biro style.

The planner itself more than makes up for it though. It’s perfect for blog planning as my Hobbycraft planner wasn’t working for me without a desk.

Here are some pics:) 

You can purchase one from the Filofax website.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x


2 thoughts on “Filofax Domino Soft Review”

  1. I was looking forward for the first review on this planner. Thank you for making it. Love your pen. What kind of pen is it?


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