Custom UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook Review

Hey Everyone,

Some of you may have already seen my beautiful new custom Uglydori on my instagram

Ever since Michelle and Trevor at UglyBugPlans launched their new Traveler’s Notebooks I have been wanting one. unfortunately I couldn’t afford one until recently so I saved and managed to get a custom-made one.

For as long a I can remember I have loved Astronomy, Orion being my favourite constellation. I knew that I wanted a galaxy cover with Orion on and having seen Trevor’s work previously I knew that it would be something he wouldn’t have any issues managing to do.

Michelle being the sneaky devil she is didn’t show me any pictures as she wanted me to have the surprise seeing it when it arrived.

I ordered it and was told it can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, which was fine I mean it was a custom-made one after all. However it took around 14 days before I had it with me, I was amazed how quickly that Trevor managed to get this done especially with the amount of other TN’s that he has to do.

I was not at all disappointed. My dori is absolutely amazing. The quality to start off with is perfect. The leather is soft and supple but holds firm. It’s just right for how I like my dori’s to be. The artwork is amazing, beautiful and well everything I could expect and more. I adore the fact that Orion stands proud right in the centre of the front cover.

There are some pockets on the inside which are great, two large secretarial pockets and 4 card pockets. The dori has 4 strings in but it would easily fit 6-8 inserts. I have 4 in there currently and lots of room.

I am completely in love with my Dori which has been so aptly named: Orion.
I also made some matching inserts for him.

Thank you so much Michelle and Trevor ❤
Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x

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