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Book Tour: The Collective by R.S Williams [Book Review]

Grab your Pirate Hat and your eye patch because today we are going on a Pirate Adventure with The Collective by R.S Williams.


Matilda Gregson never knew a world outside hers existed, that is until Harvey comes along and shows her something beyond her imagination. All that is on Tilly’s mind is finishing her dissertation, getting her degree, and spending time with her friends before the end of the school year.

But everything changes when she meets Jenny, an agent of a secret society, and nothing prepared either of them for the adventure they are about to endure. Under the pressures of surviving, their friendship grows and they find friends in the most unlikely of places, and betrayal just around the corner.

Will they both be able to stop him before he tears Jenny’s society to the ground?


I was really excited to read this, I love a good fantasy. Within the first few pages I was sucked in. I found Jenny more of a likeable character than Tilly at the beginning. The whole Collective thing definitely had the upper edge however, as the story progressed we started to see a new side to Tilly which was endearing and started a potentially great character arc. 

Without giving much away the villain was played perfectly, I didn’t suspect it either until something he said.

I really liked the concept of the plot, the time-travel, Pirates, Loot! It had everything. I’m intrigued to see where it will go, hopefully there will be a sequel.

I would give this book 4/5 stars, it has everything you need from a good fantasy that gives you a place for your mind to escape.

Thanks for reading. 

Emma-Louise x

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