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Blog Tour: The Law of Attraction by Rosie Cooper {Review}

Today I have the book The Law of Attraction by Rosie Cooper.


Amanda Bentley has always dreamed of being a barrister…

But as a platinum blonde bombshell from the wrong side of town, with a perfect tan and sleek high heels, she doesn’t exactly look the part – or fit in with the brash public school boys and cold posh girls of Newcastle Crown Court’s robing room. Amanda’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and so when she wins a prestigious pupillage following law school, she’s determined to make the most of her chance – and make all her dreams come true.

Only three things stand in her way: Sid Ryder – the sexy, irresistible barrister who she absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, sleep with. At all. Marty Gregg – her smarmy law school nemesis, who she’s in direct competition with for the top job. And her big, dark secret that could jeopardise everything she’s worked so hard for.

Who said that following the laws of attraction was going to be easy…?

Perfects for fans of Legally Blonde, Lindsey Kelk and Joanna Bolouri


Well where to start?! This book reads a bit like my life. The author is from a town local to me and the story itself is very similar to my life, with the exception of sexy Sid.

Amanda is a great character, she is charismatic, funny and knows what she wants. There is that human element to her with the self doubt most of us experience. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. It had everything you want in a funny romance. Was a perfect read for me as I am just about to embark on my Masters in Law. As a massive fan of Legally Blonde I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves the who inspiration behind the stereotypical ditzy blonde.

Roxie’s storytelling is great and flows really well and her style of writing is extremely relatable.

I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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