Guest Post: Plan With Hannah

Hi guys!  I’m Hannah and writer of Plan With Hannah.  I feel honored to be writing a guest blog in collaboration with The Stationery Geekette.  Mainly because it was because of Emma that I started blogging in the first place!  And she has helped me so much with it.  We thought we would share with you things we like to list as we are both huge listers!  If you want to read Emma’s list, you’ll have to check out my blog Plan With Hannah.

Listing is something as a woman especially, I think we do more often than we care to admit to! Most of these lists are never written down, they are just stuck in our heads but I have come to learn the power of writing these thoughts down and having actual lists in front of me. I guess the main reason why I function better like this is because I have developed extremely bad baby brain! Do without my lists I really can’t function!

So here are the top 10 things I list…

  1. Chores! This may be really obvious when I look round my house, but having 2 children under 2 mapping out which chores I will tackle on a given day makes it so much easier for me to function!
  2. Shopping lists. I never used to do this. I would do a weekly shop and just pick up anything that looked good. Oh what a mistake I was making. Meal planning has become an essential part of my planning for the following week and I wrote a shopping list on the basis of my meal plan. I still need to get better at checking my cupboards too before shopping, but I’m definitely getting there. I’ve also noticed I can do a weekly shop on a much lower budget, which can only be a good thing with prices of everything rocketing so much!
  3. Weekly to do lists. These are for more than just chores. Anything that I have to do; ie. Phone calls I have to make, blog posts I have to prepare etc.
  4. Daily to do lists. Once I have my weekly list I can then decide which day I need to do what so It can breakdown all the jobs
  5. Birthday list. I make sure all family birthdays are listed in my diary so I never forget them. I’m still not great at getting cards out but I am trying to get better!
  6. My personal goals. So being part of a group that involves encouraging each other to achieve our goals, having these listed is important to me. I have a notebook dedicated to this in my TN and hope that I will be much more successful in achieving all my goals next 6-month cycle. I am planning on setting my own longer term goals too.
  7. Family goals. Gavin and I have sat down and devised 2 lists; a 5-year and 10-year plan. Where we see our lives and what we want to have achieved as a couple. I feel this gives us something to work towards as a family unit and brings us closer together.
  8. Books to read. I am a book reviewer for the Nursing Times website so keeping track of what books I have to read and review is important
  9. Blog posts. I lost all my ideas and then decide which ones to go with and plan my schedule which involves yet another list! Lol!
  10. Finally bucket lists. So I probably don’t do these as often or as decorative as most people but I do create lists of things I want to do in my life or during a certain season (such as Christmas)

So there you have it… My list of the things I list! Ha! 

Thanks for reading

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