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Planner Girls Collective: 2018 Goals 

Hello 2018!

Today’s Planner Girls Collective is focusing on our 2018 goals.

2017 was a big year for me. I took on so much and really advanced myself in ways I hadn’t predicted. It was also a difficult year as my health took a nose dive and I was diagnosed with a condition which will continue to effect me. This been said I have thought really hard about what I want to achieve in 2018 and where I want my focus to lay.

My words and focus of the year are Balance and Health.

My goals as you can see below are quite broad but encompass all aspects of my life.

I hope that 2018 will be the year for me to settle into my life with all the changes that came in 2017.

I wish all my viewers, friends and family have an amazing 2018.

Feel free to share with us what your aspirations are for the new year and don’t forget to visit the other ladies in the PGC.

Kerry-May Makes




Plan With Hannah

Thanks for reading

The Stationery Geekette x

4 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective: 2018 Goals ”

  1. Some excellent goals there Emma and they are totally attainable to you, Happy New Year xx


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