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It’s A Family Thing: Jay-Jay And The Carnival by Sue Wickstead

Hey Everyone. Today Alexis and I have a review of another one of Sue Wickstead children’s books. This on is called Jay-Jay And The Carnival.

Alexis and I have been lucky enough to receive all the Jay-Jay books from Sue. Alexis really enjoys reading them and seeing the adventures that Jay-Jay goes on.

Jay-Jay and the Carnival was not any different, she really enjoyed it, particularly commenting on the fact that Jay-Jay had undergone a make over and was ‘bright orange’.

The story as always was entertaining and didn’t drag which held Alexis’s attention, something extremely difficult for any 3 year old to do.

We would highly recommend the Jay-Jay books for children. They are bright, colourful and fun. Great enjoyment. You can purchase a copy here on Amazon UK.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

4 thoughts on “It’s A Family Thing: Jay-Jay And The Carnival by Sue Wickstead”

  1. A busy day at school visiting a year 5 class. It was so nice to come home and see the cheery smile…… It made me smile.
    So glad you enjoyed the story book.
    When you are 3 you certainly need time to read with mummy and it is obvious that Alexis loves her reading.
    Thanks for the review Emma! (and Alexis!


    1. You are welcome Sue, thank you for sending us such pleasurable reads. I’ve added a link to Amazon now, I hadn’t realised I had forgot it earlier:)


      1. Brill.
        I will check it out
        will all the reviews link to amazon?
        I know nothing!!


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