How I Revolutionised My Productivity

I have spent years trying to chase the proverbial productivity dragon. Always seeking that level of achievement where my life is organised ahead of schedule, where I am not constantly doing last minute tasks with a cloud of stress hanging over me.

One of the triggers for my illness is stress, it is a huge trigger in fact for most crohns and other chronic illness sufferers. I was always living life in the last-minute lane and I knew I had to change this as it was having an impact negatively on my life.

Just before Christmas I met up with fellow Blogger Sam Alderson, I have known Sam for a few years now and always admire how together she seems to have it all. Sam advised me to try Trello, which I did but honestly, I just couldn’t make it work for me. I used it half-arsed when planning Christmas but as soon as it was over, I went back to my normal method.

When it comes to organising my blogging, reviews, writing and other work-related task I have constantly struggled to find the perfect set-up to get this done. I took on an admin role for a very busy book review and writing group lately as well as taking on some proof-reading work, increasing my work on The Creative Planner Magazine and getting more getting involved with shop work for someone I PR for so things have got busy. I was starting to feel like my Google calendar wasn’t cutting it again. My planner is used for more personal daily life stuff and adding tasks to it for these things usually left me feeling cluttered and overwhelmed.

I decided to try Trello again. I spent most of February getting to know it, trying different ways of setting it up and using it until I found something that clicked. Let me tell you, when it did click, it was amazing. I have been using Trello for a month now and I honestly have no idea how I managed without it. I am so far ahead in getting stuff done that I have my book review posts prepped until May, Blog Posts scheduled until mid- April. I know exactly what needs doing and when. I also have a running list of things that have no specific due date but need working through and I have made huge progress on these as well. For the first time in a long time I feel totally as ease and peace with myself.


I am not stressed at all about the next couple of months, I have even managed to schedule Facebook posts until the end of April so that I don’t get any delays and backlogs when I have surgery at the end of March. It has allowed me to be a lot more flexible with my time. I don’t feel guilty when I sit for a bit and just relax, I don’t feel stressed when a last-minute bit of work pops up that I have to try and squeeze in.

The best thing aside from being more productive that this has given me though is motivation. I enjoy writing blog posts now, 2 months ago I dreaded it, I felt lost with it all. Now I can’t wait to get those Trello check boxes ticked off and add another Completed task to my list.

I would really advise that you try Trello if you are struggling with your workload or just want more productivity in general. I even have a home renovations board set up now both me and my partner can access so we can keep up to date with progress and what needs doing.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to drop a comment below on what productivity apps and methods have helped you.

Emma-Louise x

2 thoughts on “How I Revolutionised My Productivity”

  1. I’ll have to check that out. I have chronic illness as well, both physical and mental. I’m actually about to have surgery here soon. Unfortunately, having a strict routine is triggering to me (causes anxiety), but I do find myself often forgetting to do certain things like keep up with social media updates. That part bothers me most because in this age, I know how intrical social media is to broadening my audience as a creator. I’m glad you were able to find something that helped you! And I wish you the best with managing your health 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Honestly brain fog is horrendous, people always assume it’s just a simple forgetful thing but it’s so frustrating. If ever I can help with promo and such please just give me a shout:) hope the surgery goes well:)


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