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It’s A Family Thing: Nature Journals

I love to journal and luckily for me so does my 4yr old. Being a massive fan of Anna Brim aka Mrs Brimbles aka TheWhimsicalCloud I am often inspred by the things she does, especially the family things. I really loved her idea of having a nature journals for the members of the family so I set off to re-create that for myself and my little one.

Together we have had create fun with them so far, though still currently building up some out-and-about travel supplies (watercolurs, pens, tape, washi). We are using them to document our days out and include things like broken flowers, leaves, sketches, writing, drawing and painting in there. Not only is it a great way for us to store memories but it is proving to be quite the educational exercise. Often we have to look up flowers or trees or explaining what something is and why.

For our nature journals we are using an a5 traveler’s notebook with an insert each.

Nature Journals Nature Journals Nature Journals

I got really lucky and came across these adorable tins in a charity shop which had pencils and a sharpener in them, they are quite deep when you remove the packaging so are just perfect to use as our mobile kit of bits. I intend to make some mini watercolours to store in there along with other useful items like washi tape and glue.nature Journals travel tins

I highly recommend keeping one of these nature journals, especially if you have children that want to get involved or you do things together as a family. I know I will be taking them on our summer geocaching adventures and I can’t wait to get them all chunky. You can purchase something similar to use from shops such as RkiveJournals.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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