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Personal Planner Notebook Review

I little while ago I was looking for a notebook. I wanted something I could use to create a bestiary to help me with novel writing and was recommended Personal Planner by a fellow planner girl. Having had some experience with this company before after we were generously given one of their planners at Pamper, Plan and Create in 2018. Never having issues with my planner previously I thought this would be a good fit.

Personal Planner


Customisability – Let’s start with this. Personal Planner gives you a million and one ways to customise your planner and the same can be said for your notebook. You can design and chose your own covers, the writing on your first page, colour of the elastic fastening and the style and type of pages you wish to include. There is a wide range of page styles depending on what you want to suit your needs.

Personal Planner

Quality – The quality of the notebook itself is amazing. The notebook comes with thick transparent covers which protect your pages. The paper itself is lovely and thick and comes numbered. The image on the cover it glossy and high quality. The coil is very sturdy. I could easily have this notebook banging around my bag and it would not sustain any damage.

Personal Planner

Added Extra’s – There are a few things which you get with your notebook which for me just give it that added bonus. The lines on the paper are narrow, which for me is perfect. I think you can actually customise this when creating your notebook. You also get a plastic wallet which you can move and slots onto the coils and you get a ruler/page maker. All these things come free. You can select other accessories such as stickers, pens and other items when you go through the checkout but those are items you pay for individually

I have been using mine and really like it. I would absolutely buy another. The cost is around £15 including delivery which is not much given it’s quality, customisation and extra’s.

Personal Planner

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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