Book Review: The Misfit Tribe & The Secret Of Mystery Island by B. J. Rowling & D. G. Lloyd

Good Morning. Today I have a review for the YA novel The Misfit Tribe and the Secret of Mystery Island by B.J Rowling and D.G Lloyd.

I would like to thank Sarah at Books On The Bright Side and the authors named above for sending me a copy of this paperback to read and review unbiasedly.


Some secrets are best kept hidden… and some are just too magical not to share.
Teenagers, who unexpectedly acquire a vast collection of magical, mystical powers and abilities, find an ancient map. This map leads them on a quest for buried treasure to a mysterious island filled with hidden secrets, booby traps and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What could possibly go wrong? A lot!  


We all know that YA is one of my favourite genre’s. Unfortuntely it is quite rare that I get the opportunity to read and review this type of book. When I was offered a chance, I jumped on it and I was not disappointed. Even as an adult I enjoyed this book. Mystery was weaved throughout each page and it always left me wondering what would happen next.

The authors create a convincing and unique set of characters which each bring something different to the story and as it progresses we see changes in all of them. I love how they have captured the ‘typical’ teenager in JJ at the beginning and that made me smile as you could just see most boys behaving that way.

The age range of this book is listed as 9-12 but I would say that you are never too old to enjoy the adventure that you are taken on. As I was reading I felt that I was transported to a time when I would read about The Famous Five or watching The Goonies on T.V (still one of my favourite movies).

I will be passing my copy to my 13 and 15 year old to enjoy as well as I am certain they will find it as much of a thrill as I have. Highly recommended!

Author Bio and Links

B. J. Rowling, a native of England, is an author, screenwriter, producer, actress and cousin of Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling.
D. G. Lloyd is an American-Australian author, screenwriter, producer, actor and script coverage analyst.

Even better! This book is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Thank you for reading and I hope you take a peek and enjoy this book the way I have.

Emma-Louise x

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