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Writing Update August 2019

Hey! I thought it was about time I wrote a little writing update as I haven’t really posted anything since Camp NaNo in April. I was lucky enough to win a place on a Writing Retreat in Leed’s hosted by the wonderful Writer’s HQ at the end of July ( I will be popping up a separate post about this). During this retreat I wrote just over 5k words and made massive in-roads to my story. As a result I needed to re-write my outline as the plot had changed from what I had originally intended.

Since I got back I have made a very conscious effort to write more. I went through what I had written to date and made myself a scene outline with all the important details, which has been a god send for referring back to the small details which create consistency. I have conducted more research to bring some more depth to the creatures of Greyholt Isle and I have been actually writing.

I was really happy as I managed to hit 25k word count total the other day, this is a massive achievement for me as I often stall around 11k and give up. I am a massive victim of my own self-esteem when it comes to writing. I never believe in myself but I have decided to take on the advice given to me quite some time ago. That I should write for myself and no-one else. Write like the story may never be seen and enjoy the process, so that is exactly what I am aiming to do.

I also started a writing group in my local area, this was somewhat of an accident after asking if there were any other authors or writer’s in the community.. I met with one of the other writer’s a couple of weeks ago and it was really nice, we didn’t write but we did have a nice long walk, visited a book shop and have a nice coffee. I have another meet this weekend but there will be more of us and we aim to actually get some writing done this time.

Alaria is coming along nicely. I have decided that I have bigger plans that I first thought and as such it is likely that her story will be either a duology or triology. Here is a little unedited snippet of one of the chapters I have recently written.

The forest seemed to welcome Alaria home as she walked through the familiar bushes and trees. They felt as alive now as they had when she left. The sense something was with her was always present. She weaved her way over the snow covered moss to her favourite place. There was a small clearing next to a little pond currently frozen over. A few logs remained from long fallen trees where she could sit and think. The winter had covered the forest like a blanket and the sounds of the animals were few and far between but she could hear them in the distance, hiding from the occasional flutter of flakes that came down from the white-grey skies. She wondered how the fay folk managed during the cold months and the darkness that would soon be upon them. She had never seen them up close but she had seen glimpses of them flitting through the trees and she felt their eyes on her but not today

Anyway, that is all from me today. I hope your writing journey is going well! Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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