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EcoPanda Make-Up Remover Pads

(GIFTED) Hello!

Today I bring you a review that is a little different. Like many of you I am always looking for ways to be more ecologically oriented, I want to reduce my plastic usage, reduce the amount of waste I use and be more friendly to the environment.

I was offered the chance to try some eco friendly Make-Up remover pads from a company called EcoPanda. This was perfectly timed as I had been looking into purchasing some myself.

When the pads arrived I was really happy with the container. They come in a bamboo tub with a lid which has the logo on and the pads are in a little cloth bag.

The pads themselves are a lovely size and feel really nice. They are made from 100% bamboo cotton and are 8cm in diameter.

Of course the way to truly test these was to use them. They worked really well removing my make-up, especially the mascara and I washed them on a 40° wash. They came put clean but there was some shrinkage as you can see from the picture. You do get 18 pads though so it is great value.

The only problem I have had with the product was the actual tub. It was a nightmare to get off, in fact I couldn’t remove it unless I used a knife to wedge it off. The wood just needs to be slightly smaller to fit better so that it doesn’t get jammed shut. It means I can’t close the tub but just rest the lid on top.

Otherwise this product is great. If you like the sound of it and want to check them out for yourself you can buy them here at the EcoPanda store or here at the Amazon UK Store.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

3 thoughts on “EcoPanda Make-Up Remover Pads”

  1. I’m also considering ways to be more environmentally friendly in other areas of my life, so thank you for sharing your view. It has definitely inspired me to look into using something like this.


  2. Oooh thanks so much for sharing this! What product do you use to remove your makeup? And do you reckon these will be okay if I hand-washed them instead of putting them in the washing machine?


    1. Hey! I have started handwashing and they don’t shrink as much. I use water or micellar water to take off make-up:)


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