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Anchor Point by Stan Nicholls

Today I have a review for the second book I read for the Books on the Hill Publishing Kickstarter.


Kye Beven is lacking confidence, and is ruthlessly bullied. Everyone except Dyan Varike, the best archer in the band, believes he is not good enough for the community’s defence. When Kye’s village is menaced by a despotic sorcerer, he reaches for his bow and steps up to the mark and saves his home.

Marketing and USP

✦ Dyslexic friendly.
✦ Perfect quick read when traveling.
✦ To be featured trade Magazines and will have active press coverage from BBC Points West.
✦ Publisher himself is dyslexic.

ISBN PB 978-1-913603-00-7 £5.99
ISBN EB 978-1-913603-01-4 £5.00

The Author

Stan Nicholls is the author of more than thirty books and was shortlisted for the 2001 British Fantasy Award. He received Le’Fantastique Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Literature (2007)


Anchor Point was a great read. Again this is just a short story but it has everything you want from a novel. There was an underlying morale to this story in that despite what you think of yourself, you can achieve what you set out to if you just have faith and I thought that given our trying time this was perfectly timed. I am always drawn to stories involving magic and I would have loved to get more of Niola, she really felt like an interesting character. A well-paced magical story.

Thanks for reading.


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