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Selfie by Stuart James

Today I have a review for the new Thriller from Stuart James.


A girl’s selfie captures something sinister.
A weekend away which ends in tragedy.
A hotel that hides a terrifying secret.

Lucy Benson loves to play a game called selfie. All her friends play it. They send the best pictures to each other. While Lucy is sat in the back of her father’s Jeep, she holds the mobile phone to her face, pressing the click button.
As her father drives in the middle lane of the motorway, she captures the drivers of other cars. Only this time, she captures something terrifying.
Now, they’re running for their lives.


Well, well, well. Stuart has done it yet again! What an utterly disturbing and creepy book. Selfie was fantastically written. I felt anxious, frustrated, apprehensive all the way through and I had no idea how things would turn out for Matt, Lucy, Nadia and their friends.

Every single release of Stuart’s just gets better and better, his ability to create tension, intrigue and make you have that cold-sweat-goosebumps on your arms just improves.

The pace keeps you on your toes without feeling like you are being pulled too rapidly through the story and each character is unique and interesting.

Selfie is an amazing book with high quality writing from a high quality author.

Author Profile:

Stuart James is the author of the critically acclaimed psychological thriller,The House On Rectory Lane, which recently won The International Book Award in Horror Fiction.
His other Amazon bestsellers include:
Turn The Other Way.
Apartment Six.

What authors have said about Stuart’s thrillers.

Lisa Hall. Tense and thrilling, with an ending you won’t see coming.

John Marrs. Fans of Mark Edwards will very much enjoy. Definitely a writer to look out for.

Caroline Mitchell. A great read packed with twists and turns.

Natasha Harding. The Sun newspaper. Spooky read that will grab your attention from the very first page.

Thank you for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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