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The Return of Hester Lynton by Tony Evans

(Ad) Good Afternoon and a massive apology. I was suppose to have this blog tour out to you a few days ago but with a lot going on I completely forgot, despite making sure I had finished the book and drafted the post almost a week before it was due.

Anyway, massive thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for allowing me the opportunity it to read and review The Return of Hester Lynton by Tony Evans.


Victorian England’s most celebrated lady detective returns with ten new brain-teasing adventures.

Several years after the release of her memoir, celebrated lady detective Miss Hester Lynton has been prevailed upon to release ten more of her most challenging cases for the delectation of the reading public.

While these stories will bring readers face to face with kidnappers, scheming fraudsters, corrupt doctors, forgers of artworks and terrible murderers, they can rest assured that Miss Lynton and fellow sleuth, Miss Jessop, will always uncover the truth. Amidst the dirt and deprivation of Victorian England, these intrepid investigators will stop at nothing to see justice done.

The Return of Hester Lynton is a collection of ten hugely enjoyable detective stories that will appeal to fans of Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker – who even makes a cameo appearance in the book!


I found these stories interesting. Each one very different from the last. Although short, the writer introduced some classic Victorian details to really add to the historical effect of the stories.

Hester and Ivy sound like characters I would love to meet in real life. The mysteries are very Sherlock-like but having females as the lead characters really adds to the atmosphere of the book.

These are perfect stories to sit down and have a cuppa with when you don’t have a lot of time available. It was great to see Whitby featured in one of these, I always like to when a place close to home is written into stories.

I will have to go back and read the first book set from Hester’s point of view next.

About the Author

Tony Evans has been a full-time writer since 2008. He has written several novels of historical mystery, Gothic fiction and suspense, including the popular Jonathan Harker mystery series and the Hester Lynton detective novels, as well as study guides and novel adaptations. Tony lives in the Yorkshire Dales with his wife, and enjoys walking and the outdoors.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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