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Creeper by Stuart James

Oh my wow have I got a review for you today. The latest book from the award winning Stuart James! Thank you Stuart for providing me an ARC e-copy of this book.


Do you believe in Creeper?

Keep telling yourself he’s not real. He’s not real.

A story so terrifying, the locals won’t mention his name.

It’s said that Creeper is an urban legend, a chilling, made-up character fabricated to scare children into behaving themselves.
He’s known as Painswicks own Bogeyman.
Parents tell their children that Creeper will come if they’re naughty.

Adults continually look over their shoulders.

It’s said that he hides out front late at night or crawls around in the basement. Others believe Creeper watches them as they sleep.
Eight women have gone missing over the last twenty years. They’re known as the Painswick eight.

Now, a ninth woman has vanished.
Billy Huxton, an ex-private investigator, resides at a retirement home and tries to persuade the local, flamboyant entertainer, Declan Ryan, to help him solve the case.
Sean and Jenny make documentaries, creepypastas, the paranormal, and unsolved mysteries. Together with their children, they move into a rundown farmhouse on Gallows Lane.

As they begin to learn of Creeper and the terror many believe he brought to Painswick years ago, they begin to make a film, delving into the chilling story.
But they soon learn it may not be just a story.

Whatever happens, pray you don’t see Creeper…


I’ve read all of Stuart’s books to date and each one gets better and better but Creeper is by far his best yet. From the start to finish you are on a tense and gripping ride. The pace is perfect and the tension builds as the story escalates and comes to it’s terrifying conclusion.

The family at the centre of the book are exactly as you imagine most families to be. Sassy, fun but overall loving. Clearly they would do anything for each other and when it comes down to it they rely on each other while trying to protecting each other.

Amazing and utterly brilliant and absolutely terrifying.

About The Author

Stuart James is the bestselling psychological thriller and horror author whose works are often compared to Stephen King.
He continually hits the number one spot in horror, and his thriller, The House On Rectory Lane, recently won The International Book Award in horror fiction.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise x

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