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Death At The Abbey by Jan Durham

(Ad) Good Morning. Today I have a review for you for Death at the Abbey by Jan Durham. Big thanks to Zoe from Zooloo Tours and Jan for providing me an e-copy to read and review.


A cliff-top murder. A clever canine. A seaside sleuth.

After the death of her husband, Liz McLuckie has taken early retirement and moved to Whitby, a picturesque fishing town on the North Yorkshire coast. She thinks the renovation of two ramshackle fishing cottages will take her mind off things, but soon discovers Whitby isn’t quite the peaceful retreat she imagined.

When she discovers the body of a local Professor near the medieval Abbey, Liz reluctantly finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation. The post mortem reveals death by drowning. So how did he get onto the clifftop? And why did he have a fish in his pocket?

Liz follows the trail of the murderer, and many red herrings – both literal and metaphorical – in the company of her friends, including an almost-reformed burglar, a disgraced archaeology student and Nelson the bull terrier – the ugliest (and bravest!) dog in Yorkshire.

Book 1 in the Kipper Cottage Mystery Series. Book 2 in the series, Death at Neptune Yard, is now available.


I knew when I read the blurb for this book I had to read it. I live close to Whitby and I love books set in places local to me and I really was in a cosy mystery reading mood.

I really enjoyed the book overall. The cosy element worked perfectly with the investigation into the murder.

Liz was a likeable character but Nelson stole to show on many occasions, he was a fantastic addition to the cast.

The only thing which I feel I would change about the book is the repetitive use if street names. In the first half of the book I felt like I had read street names more than I needed but I can see why they were put in to highlight the eclectic streets and history behind them that Whitby encompasses.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to others.

Author Bio

Jan lives just outside Edinburgh with her husband, three kids, a one-eye whippet, and a fat black pug. Born in a colliery village in the North East of England, she cut her literary teeth on the great storytellers of the 60’s and 70’s – Wilbur Smith, Frank Yerby, Mary Renault, and Sergeanne Golon. She began her writing career as an advertising copywriter and has since had novels published by Random House and HarperCollins, and original audio series produced by Audible UK. She also writes for tv.

Jan enjoys psychological thrillers and crime fiction of all kinds, from the coziest of cozies to the blackest of noirs.
Death at the Abbey is her first cozy mystery in the Kipper Cottage series with Inkubator Books. Book 2 in the series, Death at Neptune Yard, is also available now.

Thanks for reading.

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