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Meet The Grubblers by Sarah Louise

(Ad) Hello and welcome back for another family review. I’ve taken a lot of children book reviews lately for me and my daughter to do together while I catch up on some of my ever growing tbr pile.

Today we have a review for Meet The Grubblers by Sarah Louise.


Meet Emily, who finds life hard when school suddenly closes and her family and friends can no longer visit.

Suddenly, Emily finds herself whisked into a magical world where she meets Lucy who is on a quest to find her missing cousin. On their quest the pair meet the crafty yet comical grubblers. How helpful will they be?

What is the strange connection between these new-found friends? Join Emily and Lucy for a time-travelling feast with lots of delicious fruit cake!

Book Info

84 pages
Children’s Fiction – Fantasy & Magic

Age 5 – 9 years


My Thoughts: Meet The Grubblers was a fun and imaginative story which had nice short chapters and made for easy paced reading.

The only thing which we found to be a bit of an issue was some of the words used felt like they weren’t appropriate for the age group. Alexis is 7.5 yrs old and didn’t know what a fair few words were and she is an experienced reader (reading age 10-12). This would often cause us to have to come out of the story for me to explain things to her.

Other than this though, the story was overall a very entertaining read.

I would give this book a 3 star rating.

Alexis’s Thoughts: I enjoyed the book but struggled with some of the words. I felt very sad for Emily and Ada being put into situations they couldn’t get out of easily.

I thought that the part with the book and Simpkins was very funny. I enjoyed the book.

I would rate this book 4 star rating.

About The Author

Sarah Louise has always had a talent for connecting with and inspiring children of all ages. Having worked in schools for twenty-five years, Sarah has now expanded her educational expertise into being an author. She hopes to provide exciting and page-turning stories that capture the minds of the younger generation of today.
Sarah has three adult children of her own, a beautiful granddaughter and much-loved cockapoo. She resides in the county of Wiltshire.

Thanks for reading.

Emma-Louise and Alexis

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