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Awakening the Power of Self-Publishing by Rudo Muchoko

Good Morning. Today I have a review for you for a non-fiction book on self-publishing. Huge thanks again to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for providing me this read-and-review opportunity.


Having worked in the publishing industry, it is fascinating how, once a book has been created and placed on Amazon, self-published authors tend to relax since, in some strange way, Amazon is meant to sell the book. It seems there is no clear guidance for self-published authors on what to do following the publication of their work. Although publishing your book on Amazon is a significant accomplishment, did you know that there are a tonne of other things you can do with it after that?  Herein is the value of Awakening The Power of Self Publishing.

In this guide, you’ll discover: The importance of building an author brand and establishing author credibility, The differences between traditional publishing methods and self-publishing, The advantages of getting book reviews, Establishing and maintaining meaningful publishing relationships, Maximising your online presence, Creating a successful book marketing strategy, Keeping your book relevant and profitable after it has been published! Although the book publishing process can be complex, you can effectively develop your author brand if you are persistent, have a good work ethic, and are dedicated.


As a prospective author of self-published work, I was eager to read this book and see what sort of helpful advice and tips I could garner from it. The book itself isn’t an overly huge one and can easily be read in one sitting. I did find, however, that it fell a little flat for me. Everything that was contained within the pages I already knew and the information of which is easily available online in many sources.

If you have no idea about self-publishing and want a brief overview then this book would likely be informative and a useful resource. The marketing section along with the list of resources listed in the Book Review section are valuable assets in any self-publisher arsenal.

The book is easy to read, informative, and not bogged down with unnecessary detail.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is just getting into a career as an author who is still trying to navigate the world of trad vs self-publishing.

About The Author

As a creative, publisher, and author, Rudo Muchoko has become a passionate supporter of publishing works. She writes, edits, publishes and sells books, magazines, and audiobooks with the aim to lead and mentor authors using the suggestions in her book Awakening the Power of Self Publishing: the Ultimate Guide. Based in Birmingham UK, Rudo is also a Guest Blogger for The Book Network and an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

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Thank you for reading.

Emma-Louise x


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