Plan With Me 28th Aug to 3rd Sept

Hey everyone. Today I went very much autumnal in my planner. I used the Hello Autumn kit from My Planner Loving Heart. I adore this kit and there was a huge sale where it was only £3...who could resist! You got so much with it that it will easily do me another 2 spreads. I teamed… Continue reading Plan With Me 28th Aug to 3rd Sept


Plan With Me 21st – 27th August.

This week in my large ban.do I have gone with a Supernatural theme. Using the last of the kit from UglyBugPlans which is now offered as a free printable on her blog. I also decorated my smaller Ban.do planner which I use for Blog/Writing.  I used the Galaxy kit from TheGingerCatCo which I bought many months ago. I'm… Continue reading Plan With Me 21st – 27th August.


Plan With Me: 14th – 20th August 

Hey everyone, still planning in my large ban.do! Yay me.  I honestly cannot remember who the sticker seller was for the large black and floral stickers, I've had them for years. They went perfectly with the same style stickers from Notes and Clips which I also used and the fictional stickers from Your World of Colour.  I also… Continue reading Plan With Me: 14th – 20th August 


The Best of The Rest!

I am a little late getting around to this post so I do apologise. So...what other planners am I using apart from the wonderful Leuchtturm? You are about to find out:) First of all I have my ever loving and trusting Ochre Malden. I have this set up for my everyday stuff. I write my… Continue reading The Best of The Rest!