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Author Guest Post: Jennifer Gilmour

‘Our wings were clipped, our restrictions were made, our boundaries were tested but now we are free, aren’t we?We look above in the sky at the birds and hope to be free. But the birds make their nests in the trees high above, to protect themselves from predators. Free birds must keep looking over their… Continue reading Author Guest Post: Jennifer Gilmour

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Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour {Book Review}

Hey everyone. Before I get started on the blurb and review of this book I want to say a little something. First of all this review and book does come with a trigger warning and upsetting details.  Domestic violence accounts for approximately 16% of all violent crime. The figure is likely to be much higher… Continue reading Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour {Book Review}

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Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour {Cover Reveal}

I am excited to share with you the cover for the 2nd novel from Jennifer Gilmour, Clipped Wings Blurb... The silent chorus. Just imagine you thought that you had met the man or woman of your dreams. This person was charming and you thought they were the one or perhaps that this was fate; it… Continue reading Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour {Cover Reveal}