Planner Productivity: Setting Realistic Targets

Welcome to another instalment of the Planner productivity series. Last time we discussed the importance of effective working methods which can be read here for those who missed it. Today the focus will be on the importance of setting realistic targets. When undertaking tasks it is always necessary to set realistic and achievable targets. Usually… Continue reading Planner Productivity: Setting Realistic Targets


Planner Productivity: Effective Working Methods

Moving on from last week's post regarding Complex Task Management I will today be sharing with you my checklist for effective working methods. There are certain things which can be done to ensure that you will have maximum focus on your task ahead. 1) Set out any equipment or materials you may need at the start. 2)… Continue reading Planner Productivity: Effective Working Methods

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6 Months To Change My Life – 2nd Time Around

​ Those of you who have read my blog before are aware I have done this previously too. There is a group that I joined just over 6 months ago for the first set of goals. The aim is to set ourselves goals and aims to achieve over the next 6 months that go some… Continue reading 6 Months To Change My Life – 2nd Time Around

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6 Months To Change My Life Update 1

I know it's technically going into the 3rd month now and I should have got around to this sooner but as they say it's better late than never. I have achieved quite a chunk of my list over tha last two months and overcome some of the bigger hurdles which will now allow me to… Continue reading 6 Months To Change My Life Update 1

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Planning Your Goals and Achieving Your Dreams.

After reading numerous 'self-help' books I have given a lot of serious thoughts to what I really want from life. I am 33 almost 34 and not getting any younger. I've always felt that life has been pretty average,  I haven't been seriously unhappy with it all overall but I haven't been ecstatically happy either.… Continue reading Planning Your Goals and Achieving Your Dreams.