Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Planner RegretsĀ 

Today's post is all about planner regrets. For me there is one very specific thing that I regret, selling my Ochre Malden.  Milly the Malden is my only seller's regret item. I miss her so much. I have vowed as soon as I get some money to spare I will buy one again, even if… Continue reading Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Planner RegretsĀ 

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Future Planning and Weekly Checklist

Everybody loves to save time, in a society that is constantly looking to be productive and organised there are always tips and tricks to minimise the time we spend doing the tasks we need to get through each week. I am one of these people, even though I am not currently working I am always… Continue reading Future Planning and Weekly Checklist


Pretty Planner Purchases #2

Welcome to another Pretty Planner Purchases post. I have been waiting a while to post this as I had things arriving at different times. I have come across some really nice things both online and in shops that I just cannot wait to share with you. So let's crack on shall we:) Dividers My lovely… Continue reading Pretty Planner Purchases #2


The Best of The Rest!

I am a little late getting around to this post so I do apologise. So...what other planners am I using apart from the wonderful Leuchtturm? You are about to find out:) First of all I have my ever loving and trusting Ochre Malden. I have this set up for my everyday stuff. I write my… Continue reading The Best of The Rest!