Custom UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook Review

Hey Everyone, Some of you may have already seen my beautiful new custom Uglydori on my instagram Ever since Michelle and Trevor at UglyBugPlans launched their new Traveler's Notebooks I have been wanting one. unfortunately I couldn't afford one until recently so I saved and managed to get a custom-made one. For as long a I can… Continue reading Custom UglyDori Traveler’s Notebook Review


Book Review: Future Worlds Anthology by Various AuthorsĀ 

*Disclaimer : I received this book free of charge from Future House Publishing. This does not effect my review, my opinions are based purely on my experience reading this novel* Title : Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology Author: Cameron Dayton, Michael Darling, Jared Garrett, Mark R Healy, Josi Russell, D.W. Vogel Publisher: Future House Publishing  Format:… Continue reading Book Review: Future Worlds Anthology by Various AuthorsĀ